THE LITERARY ENCYCLOPEDIA (Older Scots) – Call for Contributors



The Literary Encyclopedia’s section editor for Scottish Literature & Culture (Older Scots) – Kate Ash-Irisarri (Manchester) – has identified a number of new entries for which she is seeking contributing authors. Please contact Kate for the most recent list of Older Scots topics yet to be commissioned or for further information. Suggestions for entries on writers or works not currently on our list or the website are also welcome. By searching the website’s database you will see what entries are currently available. Access to the database requires a subscription either for an individual or an institution. For information about subscriptions, including trials, contact the Managing Editor, Cristina Sandru. Email addresses for Kate and Cristina are available on the Literary Encyclopedia website contacts page: 

There are several advantages to writing for the LE. As a contributor, you will be given personal access to the LE, and publication will be prompt, benefiting readers around the world. The contributors share ownership of the publication, receiving shares and royalties commensurate with their personal investment. If you are willing to contribute, please refer to the Information for Authors ( and the Editorial Policies (

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