Upcoming Events

June 2014: ‘Reading Medieval Manuscripts’ – Hands on session (KS3) – University of Manchester (Department of Education DUX Award Scheme)

Recent Events:

March 2014: ‘The Wife of Bath: Relationships Between the Teller and the Tale’ – Lecture – Sovereign Education A Level Study Day

February 2014: ‘The Fourteenth-Century Context of the Wife of Bath’s Prologue‘ – Lecture – Altrincham Grammar School for Girls

15 June 2013, ‘Medieval Memory and Commemoration’ – Talk – ‘Medieval Day at Lancashire Archive, Preston. Flyer


June 2011 – ‘Judging a Book by its Cover’ – Interactive Workshop – University of Manchester, Gateways Year 9 Summer School

Workshop Logo

This workshop considered the ways in which readers respond to literature as a result of the way in which it is produced and presented to them. The session asked students to analyse the ‘packaging’ of a book as fundamental to its meaning and interpretation.  A selection of Harry Potter books was used, e.g. Harry Potter: the children’s and adult covers as well as foreign covers.  The final part of the session asked students to consider the shift from print to digitisation and the impact of e-readers (e.g. Amazon’s kindle).


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